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How to apply Flicker photo streams

We’ve included a simple way to display Flickr photo streams to your DNN website(s). Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Add an HTML module to a content pane
  2. Apply the FlickerContainer via Module Settings -> Page Settings -> Module Container
  3. Hover over your HTML module’s Manage button and select Edit Content.
  4. Click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the HTML editor and add a non-breaking space (   )
  5. Click Save

To display the latest photo streams from your Flickr account, follow these easy steps

  1. After installing the Vivid skins, open the FlickerContainer.aspx file (/Portals/_default/Containers/VividBlueSkins/FlickerContainer.ascx)
  2. Look for lines 8 and 9:
    limit: 9, <- where 9 is the limit of Flickr images to display qstrings: {set: '72157633161468534', nsid: '52229347@N06'}, <- where '72157633161468534' is the ID of your Flickr Set – just replace this number with the ID of the Flickr Set of images you want to display.
  3. Save and replace the FlickerContainer.aspx file on your website.

That’s all there is to it!