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"Associates" are Listowel Technology Inc.'s (LTI) most important asset.

We use the term "associates" rather than "employees", as we feel this better reflects our philosophy of working together instead of for someone. As our associates are our most important asset, we have developed a workplace which emphasises safety as #1, a clean and orderly workplace, tools to enable everyone to work in an efficient and professional manner, a harassment and bully free environment where respect for one another is expected and required, training and development as opportunities are provided and involvement opportunities throughout our organization.

Our loyal, skilled and dedicated employees have enabled LTI to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry and satisfy our customers.

Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, new to the workforce or one with experience, LTI is a workplace where one can grow, develop and spend a full career. We welcome people with unique experiences, backgrounds and abilities.

Why consider LTI for your career:

A Safe, Clean, Professional Workplace

Safety is #1 at LTI and so we ensure to provide a safe and clean workplace. We strive for have everyone to return home to their family and friends in a healthy state, both physically and emotionally.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

We believe in fair pay for a job well done and have a structured compensation program. To ensure that we are competitive, we participate in external wage and benefit surveys.

Engagement, Involvement & Recognition

We understand the importance to fully utilize our associates' potential; therefore, we have involvement programs such as suggestion program, quality circles, social committee, environmental committee, wellness group, emergency response team, joint health and safety committee and first aiders. We recognize special milestones such as years of service and special accomplishments. We regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys to ensure that as an organization, we understand the needs and concerns of our associates.

People Development

We have a performance management process in place to help one move forward on their chosen career path. This is the time to review your performance and development needs with your leader, discuss your career aspirations and define a plan to get you to where you want to be. We post for open job positions and try where ever possible to fill openings internally to promote development and job satisfaction. There is also an educational assistance programs to help associates develop their skills and knowledge for specific company based careers.

Work Life Balance

We also recognize the importance of work-life balance and we understand that individuals who are able to balance the needs of work and home are more effective employees and also are successful family and community members. We strive to provide our employees with a supportive work environment and provide a variety of flexible work options where appropriate.


LTI believes in keeping associates informed and have many tools in-place to do so. In addition to an ‘open-door’ policy at all levels of the organization, we hold monthly review meetings with associates, to keep everyone informed on our performance metrics and future goals.

Community Support

LTI supports our community in many ways; local charity financial or gift support; encouraging associates to volunteer in their community; financial support of various community based projects.