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Plastic auto parts are mass produced with state of the art assembly stations using photo cells and robotics
Individual and multi-person work areas are designed with ergonomic, environmental and cost effective considerations
Visual training tools, automation and robotics ensure the final product is manufactured to meet customer quality specifications
LTI’s highly trained technical staff design, build and maintain automation and robotic work stations for mass production of quality plastic products
LTI’s flexible mass production systems can manufacture plastic injected molded parts, which can also be painted if required
State of the art logistics tracking and inventory systems are in place at LTI to ensure the right parts are shipped at the right time as our customer requires

 Listowel Technology, Inc


LTI will be resuming normal production on April 5th, 2021. 

It is expected that all associates will return to work on that date for their normally scheduled shifts

.If there are any questions, please contact Human Resources.

How Is LTI Preventing The Spread of COVID-19?

Mandatory daily entry screening   
Restricted visitor access
  Mandatory face mask requirements
Physical distancing practices in place
Hand wash stations
Plexiglass barriers at production work stations, desks and throughout cafeteria
Easy access sanitizing materials throughout all work spaces plantwide
Double sanitization practices in place for common spaces/shared equipment
Increased sanitization frequency of high contact surfaces
Max occupancy restrictions in place for meeting rooms and break spaces
Virtual meetings
Remote interview process available